Latest Version : 1.8
(August 2011)

What's new in this release?

EasyWords' development is still in progress. There are various annexes that are planned. I would be glad to receive any comments of yours by email to my account regarding annexes.

With the software you may receive:

- Spanish - English, 1000 most commonly used words.
- English 1500 advanced level words, Past-Perfect Verb Conjugations
- French - English, 1000 most commonly used words.
- German - English, 1800 most commonly used words
- German, the conjugations of verbs for time and subjects
- Swedish - English, 1200 most commonly used words.
- Dutch - English, 1500 most commonly used words.
- Portuguese - English, 400 basic words.
- Turkish - English, 2100 most commonly used words
- Turkish - English, 400 advanced level English words for TOEFL/IELTS
- Turkish - German, 650 basic words.
- Dutch - Turkish, 1400 basic and intermediate words.

You may load these words under the “settings” of the program or you may create your own dictionary from the same screen.

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About The Installation

The program requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. If you don’t already have it on your system, the program will download it from Microsoft website automatically. If you would like to download it yourslef, you may visit this .NET Framework 3.5 download page.