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EasyWords is developed by Alper Barkmaz between 2008-2011 by using .NET platform. I would like to thank Monica Azqueta Gavaldon for Spanish translations, Eren Elgun for the technical support he has given to the project, Ekrem Vural and Alperen Altinoz for their ideas, Cetin and Tekin Mericli for suggesting algorithms for the structure of the questions, Banu Acar and Asli Goksu for dictionaries and software translations, Pelin Cebeci, Sinan Odabasi, Gokhan Adamhanoglu, Murat Guzel, Mehmet Kaplan, Hadi Tok, Ali Emre Ersoz, Nesimi Kaya and Sarper Kapakdelen for trying out the software, Eser Ozvataf, Duysal Yasar and Deniz Baygan for their support on visual design and website.


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Corporate and commercial use is not included in free usage. If you have such request, please kindly contact me using the e-mail address above. Ideas, designs or dictionaries that are related to the software can not be used for other projects or purposes without my consent.