Teaching Technique

To improve learning quality, EasyWords uses academically approved artificial intelligence algorithms in its structure.

The Wheel Of Fortune Algorithm increases the possibility of the incorrectly answered questions to be asked again, while reducing the possibility of the correctly answered questions to be asked. The user comes across with the words that he has difficulty to learn more frequently.

With the SoundEx Algorithm , the wrong choices in the multiple choice questions are generated from the words that are closest in meaning to the correct answer. Because the words that are similar ethymologically are also similar structurally, the words which have roots and adjuncts that are close to the correct answer are spread into the wrong choices, so it would increase the possibility of the distracting answers to be chosen by the user.

The questions are answered either by the written way or by multiple choice. If the user desires, he can add new words to the dictionary with the conjugations.

The software is prepared in a simple way, where it doesn’t drown the user with details. If the user desires, he can answer questions a few times during his routine day, or answer the questions in a continuous manner for a period when he has time. He may take a break from answering questions whenever he desires so.

For Spanish learning, there is a Spanish dictionary with 1000 most common words.

For French, Dutch, Swedish learning, there are dictionaries with around 1000 most common words.

For GMAT or high-level grades for exams like TOEFL, there are English-English dictionaries containing verb congugations and advanced level of words

For German learning, 1800 words are chosen based on the research of the most commonly used German words on the internet and added to the software as dictionaries and there is another dictionary specifically for German verb conjugations.